Wellness Wednesdays

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                                                                                                                                                                      a la carte

Yoga  6:00PM-7:00PM- Bring a yoga mat and a small blanket or large towel                                 $10

Refreshments                                                                                                                                                   $7

Wellness Program 7:15PM-8:15PM                                                                                                            $10

$20- Full access ticket in advance, $25 at the door

Discounts for groups of 5 or more advance purchase

Healthy Living Cards-Attend 3 events, get $5 off the 4th

April 10th

Live From Your Strengths; Leverage Your Inner Technology
              Balance Your Body, Mind and Energy
With the Personalized Ayurvedic Approach to Diet and Healthy Living 

Learn your constitutional tendencies and how to up-level your unique body type, with the Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle to balance your body, transmute thoughts and emotions, and empower your life. 

Discover how your tendencies affect your digestion, stress response, communication style, relationships, your health, vitality and overall satisfaction, and how to leverage your unique strengths for effective and optimal outcomes. 

Transmute emotional reactions, into authentic strength, clarity and confidence, and remain steady, comfortable and relaxed within awkward and uncomfortable moments.

Come for yoga or wellness workshop or both and refreshment menu updated the week of the event and

Chai Tea as well as other surprises and libations are also available at the Fairfield Inn's Lounge. 

Have a great time while up leveling your health, meeting others  and building a community to share our intention of connecting to a larger purpose and participating in our vision of bringing wellness and self empowerment to our community and those in need.

Event Location: The Fairfield Inn & Suites  

3877 SW 37th Blvd, Gainesville, FL 32608 

Advance ticket link coming soon.


May 15th-How to Stop Worrying and free up energy for healing and living your life’s purpose

June 12th-Women’s Health through the years for men and women

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"Chaya is a gifted and radiant yoga teacher.  Her depth of knowledge and experience make her classes interesting, accurate and clear.  Her authenticity and spontaneity give her a connection with the group that feels uplifting, safe and effective." 

"Chaya has proven her organizational skills through her wealth of training and credentials.  She has many years experience as a yoga teacher, trainer and retreat presenter.  Her presentations were always well structured and organized and her material was easy to absorb." 

Alison Gaines, Holistic Health Educator and Program Director, Lenox, MA


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