Ayurvedic Yoga Immersion and Certification Program

A Mindful Whole Systems Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Approach

 ChayaVeda™ unpacks the extraordinary and vital principles of bringing Ayurveda into our yoga practice and everyday lives.  Chaya is the creator of the Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Immersions in Florida, where she has been offering them for 11 years. 

Often used as a healing tool and platform for transformation, this Ayurvedic Yoga immersion is designed for Yoga practitioners and continuing education for Yoga teachers to learn the Ayurvedic Model for health and advanced yoga teacher training in Ayurvedically-based yoga, focusing on the integration and application of Ayurvedic education for informing optimum yoga and yoga therapy and the complimentary science of self healing including constitutional diet and lifestyle that support and form a mindful, whole system Ayurveda and yoga therapy approach,  and be knowledgeable to use yoga as medicine.

In this yoga retreat environment, students will learn to tailor individual sessions to help people develop a personal yoga practice suited to their unique circumstances and goals, as well as format group classes according to special needs and conditions. They will also learn about Ayurvedic Diet and the role of digestive condition (agni/ama), panchakarma, rejuvenation and subtle therapies for ideal outcome. 

Components include practical and experiential modules for understanding and accessing the internal logic and causal theory of yogic science, its associated medical discipline, Ayurveda, to form a whole systems Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy approach that is powerful and relevant to its comprehensive definition of health and teaching methodology. 


Through this experiential in depth and in person immersion, you will gain a rich base of knowledge and tools and a transformational experience of the important and relevant relationship of Ayurveda and Yoga with principles to support greater success in determining and achieving your goals.

3 weekend module format

• Module 1: October 16-18, 2020

• Module 2: October 30-November 1, 2020

• Module 3: November 20-22, 2020

Program Schedule: Friday Evening 6:30pm-8:30pm, Saturday 7:30am-6:00pm, Sunday 7:00am-12:30pm ​

CEU's available for NCBTMB-LMT, NAMA-PACE and Yoga Alliance-YACEP.

Student Reviews

"This course was amazing! 

Chaya is like an encyclopedia! Her vast knowledge is mind blowing! I learned so much and I know my health and general well being will be forever changed because of her training. My experience of the program was wonderful.  I am so thrilled that I got to experience it and learn the things I got to learn."

"The program passed my expectations. There was so much I did not know and so much I want to know based on Chaya’s presentations and my body feels better."

"I learned that different doshas do better with different asanas and the Ayurveda way of living as far as herbs, nutrition, meditation, mantras, times of day that are best for my bodily functions and the list goes on!" 

"I plan to present this where I teach and have regular classes that will help others become even healthier as far as the things they need for their bodies in addition to yoga."

Trish DeThomas, Dental Hygienist, Yoga Instructor, Valdosta, GA 

Ayurveda and Yoga Practice Teaching

Transform Your Life With An Ayurvedic Yoga Immersion

Our Syllabus Includes


  • Learning the scope of Ayurveda and its applications for balancing and creating therapeutic yoga sequencing and lifestyle

  • Setting intentions and anchor statements with Yama/Nyama and the yogic and Ayurvedic code of ethics that guide our core values

  • Learn the important foundations of Ayurveda: elements, constitution (doshas), circadian rhythms, and developing a beneficial daily and seasonal routine

  • Aurvedic root causes of disease and definition of health

  • Ayurvedic psychology for each dosha, the gunas, the qualities of the mind rajas, tamas and satva, emotional diet and happiness and relaxation

  • Ayurveda’s applications to Hatha Yoga, “Sun/Moon”, Langhana/Brhamana, the nervous system, and the energetics of postures and breath 

  • Theory and practice of yoga adapted for each dosha: Vata, Pitta, Kapha and Tri-Doshic with appropriate modifications by learning how to adapt the yogic tools of postures, breathing, mudra and mantra for each dosha, age and condition, including prakriti and vikriti 

  • Subdoshas of each dosha

  • Vata (4 Vayus/winds): Bhandas and the movement of prana 

  • Over view of Ayurveda and Yoga Cosmology 

  • Assessment tools: pulse reading, tongue, facial and nail diagnosis

  • Integrating the principles with practice teaching in diads

  • Basic Sanskrit and Sanskrit through the Chakras as mantra

  • Ayurvedic nutrition, diet, states of digestion and conscious eating, agni/ama

  •  Dhatus; the names of the tissues and how they are formed from our nutrition 

  • The refined forms of the doshas as nutrition: Prana, Tejas, Ojas and their creation and their functions

  • Panchakarma, Purification, Rejuvenation (rasayana) and healthy aging in the scope of yogic lifestyle
  • Integration of Ayurveda and Yoga with Sankya philosophy 

  • Introduction to the 5 koshas, the layers of a human being that are a road map to the inner experience of yoga and optimal health

  • Uses for Ayurvedic subtle therapies of color, flowers and essential oils

  • Ayurvedic Banquet sharing recipes, including ingredients, benefits and preparation of the dish and insights of Ayurvedic cooking
  • Yoga Nidra on Integration 

  • Agni Homa Healing Fire Ceremony 

Student Reviews

 “A blessing to be together with you, Chaya, to learn about a subject I was interested in but knew little and with such a lovely group. I’ve noticed I am more grounded and noticing just a little different way of looking at myself- less critical”. 

Dottie, Yoga teacher, White Springs, Florida 

"Chaya is a gifted and radiant yoga teacher.  Her depth of knowledge and experience make her classes interesting, accurate and clear.  Her authenticity and spontaneity give her a connection with the group that feels uplifting, safe and effective." 

"Chaya has proven her organizational skills through her wealth of training and credentials.  She has many years experience as a yoga teacher, trainer and retreat presenter.  

Chaya’s presentations were always well structured and organized and her material was easy to absorb." 

Alison Gaines, Holistic Health Educator and Program Director, Lenox, MA

Ayurvedic Yoga Immersion and Certification

 Register by venmo: Sharon Heller@chayaveda, cash app: Sharon$chayaveda, paypal @ or contact us
Tuition: includes 200 page training and resource manual, CEU's and certificate of completion-$725

Early Bird for week long through June 15, 2020: $675, 

Extra Early Bird through April 1, 2020: $650

Please read the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS

  • Refunds for cancellation or any class changes will incur a $50 administration fee.
  • No refunds will be issued for cancellation/change requests after April 1, 2020
  • Registration for this class is considered agreement to these simple terms. 

To reserve a room at our retreat house contact us. Complement with our massage training 

yoga and ayurveda immersion for a whole systems yoga therapy approach