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ChayaVeda™ Inspirational Greeting Cards



"May all beings know peace.  May you know peace no matter what you are given."




"Everything you do creates a ripple and every ripple in time, becomes the ocean."




"One of the reasons for great longevity is that Ayurveda educates and empowers you to take responsibility fo your own healing."


Love Heals


"Love heals and makes our lives purposeful and fulfilling." Yoga helps us clean out the cobwebs of our hearts and Ayurveda helps rejuvenate the nectar within it."


Core Values


"Core Values are a foundation to return to wholeness and optimal health."


Living Well


"Living Well includes integrating our core values and daily habits according to our constitution, condition, and circadian rhythms for helping healthy aging and spontaneous saging."




"Show gratitude for people and situations that challenge you, they will ultimately empower and uplift you to live your purpose."


Become The Ocean


 "Everything you do creates a ripple and every ripple in time, becomes the ocean."


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ChayaVeda™ Inspirational Greeting Cards

ChayaVeda™ Inspirational Greeting Cards

 $4.50 each or 2 for $8.00

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ChayaVeda™ Inspirational Greeting Cards


$4.50 each or 2 for $8.00

includes shipping

Contact us to purchase

Yoga of Action; Holistic Lifestyle & Adaptive Yoga


Chaya's Manual Designed For People With MS and Similar Conditions

This manual is a collection of practice materials created for the classes and workshops I presented for decades for the National MS Society and at Kripalu Center. 

It includes adaptive yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation and supportive information about yoga and Ayurveda as a holistic and supportive lifestyle for people with MS and similar conditions. It also includes my 18 page case study on the effects these practices had on my students over the course of time.

This was a labor of love and dedicated to my mother, who has MS for about 50 years and also for the many students that came weekly for years. I watched you learn, grow and support each other with grace and am humbled to have served you.

May this simple study guide, that documents our humble beginnings together, be a guide and inspiration to support the future.


Testimonials Collected from Chaya's Program Participants

 "For me, a non-MS person, it was meaningful and powerful to see everyone in the class responding to the Yoga and information given them. The people with MS seemed to become more at ease with themselves and even with being with others, as well as embracing their condition. Chaya was very attuned to everyone's needs and energies and kept the class flowing and moving with compassion and so much knowledge of the course material. I don't have MS, but am a Yoga Teacher who hopes to be able to help people who have it. This was an excellent training for helping me in that direction." 

Karen McIlwain, Yoga Teacher, Rolla, MO

"Being with a group of people who came together for (because of) MS or other health related reasons, to improve themselves and live the best way they can is so powerful! About Chaya- Terrific! Helpful and attentive. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience her gifts. This program has given me more tools to add to my MS arsenal. My experiences came at a perfect time." 

Nadine Shapiro, Manchester, CT

"I have learned to be more positive with myself and I know what I've experienced int his course will change my life continually for the rest of my life." 

Cheryl Ann Cummins, Des Moines, IA

"I have gained a greater understanding of myself and a greater sense of power and control over my disease. I feel it will change my life by helping me to continue to discern what a holistic lifestyle means to me." Carey Esposito, Greenfield, MA

"I am sooooo very proud to be your student and have you as a mentor."
Sara Kanter, Social Worker, NJ

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Yoga Of Action

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115 Pages, Includes Chaya's case study material.