Personal Wellness and Health Immersions

Panchakarma and Ayurveda Health Retreat

PANCHAKARMA is Ayurveda's holistic method of creating personal clearing and rejuvenating programs for the body, mind and consciousness, immersions known for their beneficial effects on overall health and wellness that strengthens the body's capacity for it's own self-healing. 

We customize your program according to what is indicated for your constitution, age, condition and goals with a specific, natural, holistic, health promoting series of therapeutic treatments, diet, classes and education that is a balanced program engineering healthy habits, improving energy, vitality, inner peace, confidence, well-being, longevity and purpose. 

Chaya assess each individual to determine the appropriate steps needed, from diet and treatments to yoga and meditation, she works closely with each client to monitor their progress at every step along the way.

Participant Reviews

"I gained improved well being and gained understanding on how to better care for myself and my health."  Ratna Chandra, Orlando, FL

"Chaya is amazing, knowledgeable and sensitive. This may be the life changing experience I’ve been waiting for!"  Ana Rabatin, Venice, FL

"I gained a much deeper understanding of Ayurvedic principles and philosophy than from my self study. The instructor, Chaya was so knowledgeable of her subject and her teaching methods are excellent."  Namarada Deborah Houser, Medical Assistant, St. Augustine, FL

"Chaya’s capacity to reach in for the spiritual pertinence was at moments, breathtaking." Jane Schaeffer

"What I liked most was the time to digest both food and thought. To slow down and be in the reality as is without any interruptions of the external daily flow of the ordinary, as it is on the outside. The loving kindness of the therapists, Chaya and how they guided us through (the experience) with love, compassion and connection. The most significant experience was Chaya’s determination to go at your own pace and her constant searching for what was right for you. She was so knowledgeable and persistent in gently easing the layers of illness to peace, clarity and the stillness within. I am very grateful. The grounds were very serene and uplifting. The kirtan was fabulous and the movie was so informative. Thank you Chaya for an experience of a life time. I can’t wait to share with others about this wonderful life changing experience." Deby Goldenberg, Educator, CT

"Chaya knows the teachings so well. The subtle levels of imbalance were addressed. The chanting and pranayama and darshans were highly effective in accessing healing prana. Loved small details like the movie, cooking class and fun. The most important aspect was the constant re-evaluation of progress during the program. A lot of fine tuning along the way. Clear directions and/or observation of personal traits supported growth. I found Chaya very interactive and passionate." Radika La Valley, Yoga Teacher, CT

Please read the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS

Refunds for cancellation or any  changes requested 10 days before scheduled program will incur a $50 administration fee.

No refunds will be issued for cancellation/change requests after 10 days prior to scheduled program.

50% Deposit secures reservation 

Balance due upon arrival

Registration for this program is considered agreement to these simple terms.

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Personal Wellness Health Programs

Personal Wellness Health Programs

Ayurvedic health plans are personalized according to your Ayurvedic constitution (dosha), age, condition and goals.  

Total Transformative Wellness

Ayurvedic Consultation

3 Body Treatments

3 Yoga Therapy Sessions

Follow up

Nutrition and Digestion

Ayurvedic Consultation

2 follow ups

1 cooking class

2 weeks of recipes

Yoga Therapy

Ayurvedic Consultation

4 Yoga Therapy Sessions

Follow up

Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurvedic Consultation is a thorough assessment using pulse and tongue diagnosis, along with Ayurvedic analysis, your Ayurvedic Constitution (dosha assessment) will be determined, and information provided about it's strengths and challenges, as well as it’s imbalances that may contribute to the process of disease, and introduce methods to manage and reverse them.

Ayurvedic education that addresses overall health and well-being, as well as alleviating longstanding issues and imbalances will be discussed.

Ayurvedic Consultaiton is 90 minutes

Follow up is 60  minutes

Client Review

"This is probably the first appointment I've experienced that sounds very promising for my future."

"I just thought I would write and give you an update and a huge thank you. I've been off prescription medications now for about two weeks and continuing to follow your plan (mostly) even though you are not a doctor, you're the only one who has been able to come up with a plan that has turned things around for me, so thank you very much!"
Ken Willa, Software Developer, Jacksonville, Florida

Personal Wellness Spa Services

Ayurvedic Services

 AYURVEDIC BODY TREATMENTS are personalized according to dosha and current condition. Sessions begin with brief constitutional assessment, client intake and evaluation, and except for Marma Therapy, are completed with a hot towel compress. 

Signature Ayurvedic Massage

GARSHANA is a silk glove massage that exfoliates the skin and stimulates lymphatic flow and drainage. It is a preparation for the Abhyanga massage and is offered in this combination.  and may be added to other treatments when indicated.

ABHYANGA MASSAGE is a rhythmic full-body massage that promotes arterial and lymphatic circulation and drainage that facilitates cleansing, rejuvenation, and deep relaxation. The heated Ayurvedic oils are selected according to your dosha and condition. 

60 minute abhyanga or 75 minute garshana/abhyanga combination 

Brain and Nervous System Rejuvenation

SHIRODHARA  is good for brain health and nourishment, and soothing and calming the nervous system, by synchronizing brain waves, stilling the mind, enhancing blood circulation to the brain, nourishing the hair and scalp and aiding in the release of stress and tension, it is energizing yet relaxing.  

Session includes a massage to the head neck and face followed by warm Ayurvedic oil poured in a gentle stream onto the forehead. 

Usually combined with abhyanga massage 105 minutes, otherwise 45 minutes

Deep Ayurvedic Massage

VISHESH is a vigorous, stimulating massage activates circulation, breaks up toxic adhesions, stimulates lymphatic flow and guides impurities out of the body. Warm Ayurvedic herbalized oil, selected according to your Ayurvedic constitution and condition are used.

60 minutes or combined with abhyanga for 105 minutes

Weight Loss

UDVARTANA is good for purification, weight loss, lymphatic drainage, circulation, musculoskeletal problems, and deep detoxification. It is a stimulating massage with herbal powders and warm oils to powerfully exfoliate and deeply detoxify the tissues.  

60 minutes or combined with herbal steam (swedana) for 90 minutes

Subtle and Powerful Therapy For Balancing

MARMA CHIKITSA is tailored to the unique needs of the client as per their constitution, age, condition, and belief system. Marma points are vital energy points on the body, similar to shiatsu points and are used as a diagnostic tool and for healing on every level, affecting body, mind and consciousness.

Marmani will either be stimulated or calmed, purified and balanced, providing increased circulation, nourishment, relaxation, and ultimately open the doorway deeper consciousness, clear perception, awareness and healing. The? session will include light or deep pressure to specific points with essencial oils, gem stones, vibrational tuning, and Chakra Balancing, tailored to the needs of the individual.

60 minutes

Add Ons For Specific Indications

Back and Knee Therapy

KATI BASTI is deeply nourishing to the spine and relaxing to the body and mind. It is a useful treatment of back, kidney, adrenal, excretory and urinary conditions. A well made of flour is placed around the spine and then filled with warm Ayurvedic herbalized oil, selected according to your Ayurvedic constitution and condition. 

 The procedure is effective for

  • Back pain
  • Kidney and adrenal fatigue
  • Excretory and urinary conditions
  • Knee pain

Skin Deep Cleanse and Tone

FULL BODY CLAY MASK has been used for thousands of years with a variety of healing and beauty benefits including their anti-inflammatory properties.Mud and its minerals can help alleviate aches and muscle pains. Another mud mask advantage is the soothing effect, and its minerals, including sodium, magnesium and potassium, have on the skin. The benefits are enhanced with the addition of Ayurvedic herbs in right combination with a variety of clays and powerful and potent herbal extracts, as recommended by Ayurveda, to make the final product used for this treatment effective and long lasting. Add a full body clay mask to an Abhyanga Massage for a deeply cleansing and nourishing treatment. 

 The procedure is effective for

  • Alleviates pain and muscle aches
  • Improves skin health and luster

Clarity and Allergy Free

NASYA (herbalized oil nose drops), Removes impurities from the sinuses, head and neck, and balances prana and energy.

NASYA/SANS is used as a sinus/allergy treatment that also balances energy and promotes clarity. It is a full head, neck, shoulder, and face massage, followed by aromatic full body steam and Ayurvedic nose drops prepared according to your needs, that clear impurities from the head and neck, open sinuses, and lymphatic system and stimulating detoxification and energy flow.  

 The procedure is effective for

  • Sinus congestion and allergies
  • Promotes mental clarity and vitality
  • Balances prana and energy
  • Neck pain

Heart Health

HRID BASTI is an oil bath on the heart to nourish and strengthen the heart.  It relieves deep seated repressed stress, anger and grief, improves  blood circulation and breathing, and gives a sense of peace and happiness.

The procedure is effective for

  • Ischemic Heart Diseases
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Valvular disease
  • Cardiac Health

Sweating Therapies

SWEDANA (fomentation therapy) or sweating is done as the main treatment procedure for various vata vyadhi or as a pre-operative procedure for panchakarma depending upon your condition.

Swedana stimulates sweat glands to increase perspiration and circulation. It alleviates vitiated vata and kapha dosha. It helps to reduce pain, stiffness, heaviness and coldness in the body and indicated in asthma, cough, running nose, sinusitis, flatulence, constipation, heaviness, stiffness, joint pain, musculoskeletal pain, spasticity and various vata vyadhi like paralysis, osteoarthritis, low back ache, etc.

One should not undergo swedana if you are dehydrated, feeling thirsty and weak, suffering from very dry skin, dizziness, ascites, inflammation of the skin, edema, fever, anemia and jaundice, after consumption of alcohol and women should not undergo swedana during pregnancy and menstruation.

During panchakarma, sweating treatment is usually given after fat administration with internal oleation or Snehana therapy by a special protocol called purvakarma. Details are specific to the person's needs and provided during Ayurvedic Consultation. These two are administered as preparation to Panchakarma therapy. In some cases, Sweating treatment is administered as a stand alone treatment for imbalances of Vata and Kapha.

Sweating therapy is adapted to suit the needs of each individual, combined with proper herbs and applied with consideration to the imbalance, season, and organ affected to be effective. 

Other forms of Swedana utilized as indicated by your practitioner, usually as part of a wellness health program or immersion (see above):

Pinda Sweda a bolus is prepared with herbs or pastes and heated to induce sweating. Aching joints and muscles are massaged vigorously with warm herbal bags, draining toxins and giving relief to pain and tension in the affected areas, relieving musculoskeletal problems like rheumatoid arthritis. We offer a variety of pinda sweda according to what is indicated.


Nadi Sweda steam is generated by boiling specific herbalized liquids in a pot. The pot is attached with a pipe for the steam to flow towards the body. We use a seated steam box to provide this treatment. A cold compress is applied to the head, and other areas which are to remain cool.

Upanaha Sweda sweating is induced with a paste, bandage or poultice according to indications.

Restorative or Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

  SWEDISH MASSAGE is a restorative and soothing full body massage that stimulates energy flow, releases tension and balances and purifies the body and mind. 

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE is a relaxing, nurturing and therapeutic massage, using firm pressure to penetrate connective tissue and release deep blockages and tension.  

Integrative Yoga Therapy

Sessions Can Include

AYURVEDIC YOGA THERAPY is a holistic and therapeutic application of yoga for wellness that can include assisted postures, breathing and meditation according to your Ayurvedic constitution and condition, offering guidance that is specific for you and your individual needs. Sessions begin with a brief client intake and evaluation and end with guided relaxation and integration. Combine with Ayurvedic Consultation (above) for a deeper health boost.

RESTORATIVE YOGA NIDRA, DEEP RELAXATION & GUIDED MEDITATION Purifies the brain, rejuvenating and healing on all levels of the body, mind and spirit to experience a natural state of deep calm and peace. Utilizing breathing and guided imagery that provides deep rest, rejuvenation and and clarity.

NEUROMUSCULAR RE-EDUCATION Learn to move without pain, increase awareness of movement patterns, abdominal strength, muscular control and capacity, joint flexibility and the power of the breath deepening the mind/body connection. Routines can be adapted to be gentle enough for beginners or sophisticated enough to challenge the superfit, as well as a thoughtful approach to working out.

Integrative Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

Our world renown 200 hour professional teacher training meets one weekend per month September through May.

For more information about becoming a Certified ChayaVeda Integrative Yoga Therapy Teacher click below.

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When Booking Your Wellness Service Please Note

 We understand unanticipated events happen occasionally. In our desire to be effective and fair to all clients 24 hour notice is required for rescheduling or cancelling.  Less is a no show and you will be responsible for the full amount of your appointment. If you arrive late, your session may be shortened to accommodate others whose appointments follow.  Regardless of the length of the treatment, you will be responsible for the full session.  

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