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Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Teacher

World renown 200 hour professional Integrative Yoga Therapy Teacher Training; an in depth personal immersion, integrating the ancient wisdom of yoga into mainstream wellness programs.

1 weekend/month for 9 months.

Early Bird Registration through July 25, 2019

Ayurvedic Massage & Bodywork CEU

Massage Therapy, Massage Training, CEU, Continuing Education, Ayurvedic Massage Course

Learn the Ayurvedic Model of Health Care and Massage Techniques. Gain something purposeful in these transformative programs and complete your CEU's for license renewal

Ayurveda & Yoga

Ayurveda & Yoga Immersion

Immersion or Teacher Training and CEU

Components include practical and experiential modules for understanding and accessing the internal logic and causal theory of yogic science, its associated medical discipline, Ayurveda, to form a whole systems Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy approach that is powerful and relevant to its comprehensive definition of health and teaching methodology 

Panchakarma and Ayurveda Health Retreats

ChayaVeda's Panchakarma and Ayurveda Health Retreat

Seasonal cleansing, integrative and holistic immersion of ChayaVeda, known for purifying and rejuvenating  the body, mind and  consciousness, beneficial for overall health, wellness and self-healing.    

Wellness Services Massage, Bodywork, Yoga Therapy & More...

Massage, Ayurveda, Wellness, Spa Services, Yoga Therapy, Yoga

 Massage, Bodywork and Yoga Therapy are skillfully tailored to meet the needs and goals of each person's therapeutic health plan.  

Personal Ayurvedic Health Consultation and Health Coaching

Ayurveda, Health Coaching, Ayurvedic Education, Ayurvedic Health Consultation

 Ayurvedic Consultation provides Ayurvedic education that addresses overall health and well-being, as well as alleviating longstanding issues and imbalances.  Health Coaching programs assist implemention and enhance sustaining and achieving optimal results.   

Weekly Yoga, Pop Up & Online Programs & Events

Breathing Into Spontaneous Calm

Breathing Into Spontaneous Calm

"Breath is central to Yoga, because it is essential for life, and Yoga is about Life"

 Regulation of the breath relieves stress, calms and balances the nervous system, regulating the systems and functioning of the body, mind and emotion. 

3 Thursdays; September 26-October 10, 2019

Online Wellness Challenge

Online Wllness Challenge

  Engineer Health Habits with an Ayurvedic and personal approach to nutrition and holistic living.  Up-Level health and well-being with  2 online options of Ayurvedic education, coaching and experiential learning.  

Coming soon!!

Contact us with your interest 

Cooking Class & Ayurvedic Food Fun

Cooking Class & Ayurvedic Food Fundmentals

 “The most important thing you can do with your health is cook"

Learn how to cook Ayurvedically with a seasonal, simple, and healthy meal and modify according to your constitutional body type and condition. 

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Community Pop Up Workshop Breathing Into Spontaneous Calm

Breathing Into Spontaneous Calm

"Breath is central to Yoga, because it is essential for life, and Yoga is about Life" 

Regulation of the breath relieves stress, calms and balances the nervous system, regulating the functions of the body, mind and emotion. 

September 26-October 10, 2019


ChayaVeda 6 Weeks to Transformative Wellness

Balance, Ayurveda, Holistic Health Coaching, Transformative Wellness

Up Level your life with a personalized Ayurvedic approach to nutrition and holistic living with Ayurvedic education, coaching and experiential learning. 

September 17-October 29 (no class October 8th)


About Us


Meet Chaya

Chaya has devoted her life to living passionately with purpose, towards her goal of peak performance and inner peace. In the face of unfortunate circumstances, she's learned how to transmute her personal challenges into positive forces to find deeper truths and inner paths to healing and personal freedom, emerging with distinction as a teacher of substance.  

A gifted and radiant educator and program presenter, Chaya is recognized for her holistic, personalized,therapeutic and transformative applications of Ayurveda, Massage and Yoga Therapy and her vast amount of body/mind knowledge from her decades of training and experience as a holistic health educator and performing artist, that inform her practice of skillfully tailored programs  and services for her clients' success in achieving deep health and profound evolution. 

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