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 The techniques practiced in yoga nidra, also referred to as yogic sleep, guide you to deep relaxation. Yoga nidra can be performed while sitting or laying down. You are then guided through a series of relaxation techniques that include breathing and visualization. With the regular practice of yoga nidra, you will balance the nervous system and gain clarity and a new way of living, which is at the root of managing stress and it's effects on our daily lives, including overcoming fear, anxiety, insomnia, stress, anger depression, and so much more.

Gentle Balance

Practicing yoga nidra to balance your body and mind is a gentle, progressive way to introduce a stressed system to relaxation. If you have been experiencing high stress levels for an extended period of time, yoga nidra will gradually release layers of tension.


Before you begin listening, come into a very comfortable position either sitting in a chair or lying down. If it's comfortable for you, cover your eyes with an eye pillow or cloth, cover yourself with a blanket and remain still as you listen to the sound of Chaya's voice, and let it become the sound of your voice.

Guided Imagery Through the Elements (25 min) Progressive relaxation and exploration of the 5 elements of Ayurveda, integrating our inner and outer experience of nature for deep healing and restoration

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Yoga Nidra Cocoon of Safety, Protection, and Healing (25 min) Journey to your favorite place in nature, a safe place for inner healing, restoration and inner peace 

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