ChayaVeda™ Wellness Challenge 2020

Personalized Wellness to Re-engineer Healthy Habits in 6 Weeks

New Year New You, Make your resolution come true!! 

Live or Online!

Set wellness goals with an Ayurvedic approach to nutrition and holistic living with this 6 week interactive wellness challenge that will coach you to take this decade to a whole new level and unlock your potiential to find freedom, feel better and live purposefully.

Develop personalized daily routines, diet, lifestyle and practical tools to engineer habits for self-care, transformation, good health, peace, and vitality; and unlock healing and creative potential.

Learn to overcome obstacles and develop strategies and tools to evolve and thrive!!

Topics include

Transcending Stress, Circadian Rhythms, Sleep, Nutrition and Digestion, Breathing, Neuroplasticity,  and the Nervous System, Deep Relaxation and the role of the mind and emotions.


Stress · Fatigue · Weight · Cravings · Mood Swings · Relationships · Chronic Pain · Digestive Issues  

And much more....


Chaya's background and experience in holistic health education and program facilitation, provide depth and expansiveness to her lesson plans, teaching style,  and her well thought out course syllabus, organized for a balanced, cohesive and transformative and immersive experience.

 Receive personalized Ayurvedic education that addresses overall health and well-being, as well as alleviating longstanding issues and imbalances.

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CEU's available for LMT, NCBTMB and YA.

  Student Reviews

"Chaya is a wealth of knowledge on Ayurveda. The class provided me with the foundations of introducing Ayurveda into my life. I have already seen changes as far as reducing stress, improving my sleep, and digestion. I recommend this course to anyone looking to change their life for the better." 

Janelle Profant, Office Manager, Gainesville, FL

“ChayaVeda is an excellent course for people who are looking to take more responsibility for their health and life. I feel I’m re-connecting with myself again, and things I had forgotten or put aside for a time” 

Penny VanMeir, AP Clerk, Micanopy, FL


"I found the awareness to make choices about everything."

"I'm integrating what I've experienced to maintain my composure during difficult times and being able to handle any obstacle."

"I feel more relaxed and aware or myself withing my surroundings and aware of my personal health. 

"I learned that balance and honoring your true nature is key."

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"This course was amazing! I got much more out of the workshop than I expected. 

 The most valuable experience was learning about myself and the doshas.  The more you know about yourself, then it becomes easier to stay on track with life. " 

Kent West, Audio Sales, Gainesville, FL